Kocher & Gillum has been involved with representing local Villages and Townships since 1997. We represent governmental entities either on a single issue or on a full-time basis. The following are Villages and Townships with which the firm is or has been legal counsel on a continuing basis:

Village Solicitor for:

  • Village of Marblehead (Ottawa County)
  • Village of Oak Harbor (Ottawa County)
  • Village of Milan (Erie County)
  • Village of Clay Center (Ottawa County)
  • Village of Monroeville (Huron County)
  • Former Solicitor for Village of Put-in-Bay (1997-2004)

Additionally, we represent the following Townships:

  • Sandusky Township (Sandusky County)
  • Ballville Township (Sandusky County)
  • Washington Township (Sandusky County)

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